"God Loves Ugly" Giveaway!

As many of you may know, I have traveled the long and hard journey of recovery from bulimia. It was something that ate away at every part of me and I spent many nights afraid that I would never see the other side. In fact, just yesterday I was going through an old journal from 2006 and every page was filled with hopelessness and writings of self hate and disappointment. This one in particular caught my eye because there was a glisten of hope in it. It brought me to tears because reading those entries brought me back to those feelings and moments where I wanted to give up and to be able to stand here today and say “I won” is a miracle I never expected to see.


About a year ago, an artist and author I deeply respect released a book called “God Loves Ugly.” In it, Christa Black shares her personal journey of learning to love herself in a world where we, as females, are constantly reminded that we will never be good enough. Her book dramatically shifted my thinking and my journey, so when I messaged her asking if I could do a book giveaway on my blog, I was beyond ecstatic that she not only responded, but that she said she would love to!

This book isn’t just for people who have eating disorders. It’s for girls of all ages who may need the reminder that they are good enough despite what they feel. It’s perfect to keep for yourself or to give away to someone on your heart!

So here are the giveaway rules:
1. Share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. using the hashtag #godlovesuglygiveaway. Each share gives you one entry (so if you share on twitter and Instagram, you get two entries). Remember if you share on twitter to tag me (@missrheyna) so I can see it.


2. Comment on this blog post about why you want to win.

Seems simple enough, right? The contest will run through Friday, October 25th.

Thanks for sharing and good luck!